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30 day Cleaning Kit (Dishwash, Laundry & Floor Cleaners) - 500mlx3

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Feedback from our community

Safe & effective

Friendly products, easy on lungs!

One of our friends made us aware of Tierra and we are so glad that we now have sustainable Indian brands making a mark with eco-friendly products! We have tried the floor cleaner and the dish wash liquid and are totally hooked. We absolutely love the fresh fragrance and it makes us proud knowing that we are using a product that isn’t as harmful as so many other products out there! Highly recommend it!

Shurlly Tiwari

Assistant Professor at International School of Management Excellence

Approval from the plant mom!

I am a plant mom. Yes, I said it, I like plants more than anything as a matter of fact and I am one of those who love to talk about plants at every opportunity I get. Hence, buying Tierra was my obvious choice. I’m a conscious buyer who is very particular when it comes to home cleanliness. I truly believe that Tierra has helped me take one more step towards making my home not only green but sparkly clean. TIERRA - What A Plantastic Home Cleaning Range!!

Navmita Jyoti

Phytophile & A Korean Language Expert

A perfect brand for homes with kids!

As a mother of two kids, I’ve been consciously trying to switch to a chemical-free existence. In this challenging, yet most gratifying journey, Tierra fit the bill to a fare-thee-well. Its products are not just toxic-free, but also super effective in cleaning even the most unyielding stains, and the fragrance from its products just reinvigorates your senses. I’m supremely happy with the results, and would recommend it to one and all.

Shimpy Khurana

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Knowledge Management Expert

Tierra the name is perfect!

Who would have thought that you could get squeaky clean floors and clothes with plant based cleaners and detergents. I am so glad to have come across Tierra and extremely delighted as I no longer feel guilty of using harmful chemicals to keep the house and clothes clean. Tierra products are easy on the pocket and extremely accessible. I usually get my kit in 1-2 days. A happy customer who has taken her first steps towards sustainability. Thanks Tierra for making it so easy for me.

Nitika Marya

Managing Consultant - In house Practice Group at Vahura

Highly recommended for homes with pets!

One of the best eco-friendly floor cleaners that I have used. I have tried both Tierra Basil and Neem and Lime and Tea Tree. The smell isn't noxious, it's very light and is great for my pets. I purchased this as a replacement for lizol, so my dog and cat didn’t have to come in contact with chemicals on the floor, and I've not gone back to the chemical cleaners since.

Rashmi Shroff

Independent Consultant - Leadership Hires

Happy to make this sustainable choice!

"Sustainable jewellery made from recycled paper and old sarees is a large part of my business offerings. So when I came across Tierra it was a perfect match! I simply love the idea of having this super clean home and fresh clothes without releasing dangerous chemicals into our environment. The bottle of Tierra's non toxic, detergent and floor cleaner makes me feel a little more in control of my choices- and empowered about the world around me."

Bela Singh

Founder, Kashish Designz

My home is a Tierra home now!

It took only one Tierra bottle of dishwash gel to make me a life-long convert. I feel no guilt anymore about my girls helping with the dishes as it really is so gentle on the skin. I was scared that the plant based cleaners would not clean my greasy kadais and pans, but it does! I am so happy and relieved that I don't have to compromise.

Jini Susan George

Senior Technical Leader

So happy I made the switch to Tierra!

I converted to organic milk and eggs and most fruits a while ago but it always irked me that I could not make the change to eco-friendly floor cleaners and detergents. I couldn't seem to find eco products that I really trusted until I found Tierra. Knowing the founder's passion to do everything in the right way - I now don't think twice about using all of Tierra's products. So happy I made the switch because I know my kids and pet are safe from all toxins and so is the environment.

Sindhu Roy

Instructional design & content specialist

Conscious living comes with conscious effort

We clean our homes but it releases unmeasurable amounts of toxins that hurt the environment! Are we being selfish? This question was hounding me and I started trying all kinds of natural homemade cleaning concoctions to minimize the use of chemicals until I found Tierra. Safe for everyone! It's a game changer!! Using Tierra products for household cleaning gives me a sense of satisfaction without compromising on the quality of cleaning. I highly recommend Tierra for being environment friendly and super effective.

Vijeta G Kanwar

Founder, Puraw

Go for it confidently and do your bit!

Our planet doesn’t demand big changes from us as individuals. Small changes can also bring about a big impact in the long run. Move to more sustainable and greener cleaning products for everyday use and one can be a part of a planet loving sustainability movement. I use Tierra floor cleaner at my home. Fresh and naturally fragrant without being overpowering Tierra does its job efficiently and in a planet-friendly manner. Go for it confidently and do your bit!

Ashi Singh

Software Whiz & Supermom

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