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About Us

Reimagining clean home and a clean planet through sustainability and innovation

What if there was a way to keep your homes and the planet clean? Meet Tierra, a brand built on the belief that every action today impacts our tomorrow. Our products are sustainable, high-performing, and planet-friendly, making them exceptionally safe and uncompromisingly healthy. We use plant-based formulations to keep your home clean, your family healthy and the planet happy.

Veenus Katyal

Founder, Tierra

Over the last few years, Veenus had been toying with the idea of leaving her cushy corporate job, and doing something meaningful. After finally deciding to take the plunge in 2020, Veenus created a solution to a problem that she had been facing in her own home. As a pet parent and a cleanliness freak, she realized there aren’t any good eco-friendly home hygiene products in the market to choose from. Most of them have chemicals that are hazardous for the environment, besides causing allergies in pets and kids. Her quest to bring about a change led her to craft sustainable, eco-friendly home cleaning essentials that are safe, effective, and convenient.

How it all started

Tierra range of plant-based cleaning products was born of a passion, an obsession and a discomfort. A passion to create a safe home for the pets & kids, an obsession with green cleaning and a growing discomfort with the state of our ecosystem.

Our vision is to make safe and sustainable homecare products accessible to all. We imagine a world which is restored to its purest natural form, with unpolluted waterbodies and green terrains.

The catalyst to this will be eco-friendly lifestyles and homes, where our children and pets can breathe free.

A promise, to create a growing community of Tierra change-makers who make conscious choices about what they buy.

Tierra uses ethically sourced, plant-based ingredients that are highly potent and effective in cleaning every corner of your home.