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The goodness of mother nature, unlocked.

If you wonder what goes into your Tierra home cleaning essentials, the answer is pretty simple - the wholesome goodness of plants and all things natural. All our products are a mindful amalgamation of science and nature bringing about safe and effective home cleaning products ideal for families with children, pets, and zest to make the planet greener and healthier!

Powered by nature

Tierra uses fresh, natural, and ethically produced ingredients derived from mother nature’s finest plants, minerals, and essential oils. Plant-based ingredients in home essentials have proven to be far more effective than the regular cleaning agents loaded with toxins and harmful chemicals. Plant-based cleaning agents are tough on grime and dirt but gentle on the skin (Hello pH balance), making them the ideal choice!

No nasties

It is a myth that cleaning agents need to be harsh to be effective. The toxins and harmful chemicals loaded in regular cleaning agents are far more harmful than efficient. With plant-based sustainable cleaning agents, like Tierra, you can rest assured that your home gets the gentle cleaning it deserves minus the toxins and harmful chemicals.

Only good ingredients

Free from ​​Sulphates, Phosphates, and Parabens that are standard in other cleaning agents.

Made from food-grade and plant-grade cleaners - glucosides, bio-enzymes, and plant-based surfactants

Baby-safe, pet-safe, cruelty-free  products ideal to keep your home squeaky clean minus the toxic residues