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Article: Switching to Eco Friendly Cleaners… Today.

Switching to Eco Friendly Cleaners… Today.

Switching to Eco Friendly Cleaners… Today.

Everyone loves a clean, beautiful home, with the dishes all sparkly clean and stacked neatly, and fresh laundry hanging out to dry.

What if we could get an ecologically balanced world while we do that? That would be a utopian solution for all aware home-makers, wouldn’t it?

This is the driving force behind the new-age plant-powered cleaning products that have started leading the consumer market today. The premise that you can have a clean home without flooding your environment, or indeed your body, with harmful chemicals.

The rate of adoption of eco-friendly cleaners is growing – however, not at the rate that this win-win solution should. There are a few persistent myths in the minds of consumers, who are used to the traditional strong and obvious cleaning agents. Let’s take a few moments to understand the facts behind the biases to get some clarity in the great cleaning dilemma.

What are the alternatives then? Is the trend towards eco-friendly cleaners a practical option? Are they too expensive, do they clean well and are they easily available?

First, let’s understand the toxic chemicals that are commonly present so we know why we should avoid them.

Chemicals in Regular Cleaners and Their Impact

Most commercial cleaning products contain harsh ingredients that the human body should not be exposed to, or our environment. They can cause burns, irritations, allergies and even cancer.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)

This is a primary ingredient of commercial floor cleaners with foaming and cleansing properties However, they can also cause burns to the skin, allergic reactions in children or pets, affect lungs and even damage eyes if there is direct contact.


These act as dissolvers for fragrances added to synthetic cleaners – and while they smell good, they are also linked to hormonal imbalances, development issues and respiratory problems.


These act as builders in detergents, by binding with calcium and magnesium in water to prevent them from sticking to the surfactant. Simply put, this means that phosphates help soften the water and speed up the cleaning efficiency. However, since they are not biodegradable, they accumulate in lakes, promoting the growth of algae that suffocate aquatic life.


This chemical eliminates bacteria and disinfects surfaces, but it comes at a cost to young children and pets. It can cause severe allergies and hormonal imbalances over long periods of time.


This chemical acts as a disinfectant and preservative, and is very toxic for human systems. They also cause bacteria to become more resistant to antibiotics over time.


This not only is purported to be a carcinogen but also causes irritation to the skin and respiratory systems.

Plant based cleaners – an inevitable choice

The inflow of information about the effects of regular chemical cleaners on the human and ecological systems has broken the dam of indifference in the consumer market. Consumers are no longer willing to settle for cleanliness with such high collateral damage.

We have made it easier for you, as a discerning consumer, to select wisely and sustainably, by addressing common queries.

1. Are plant based cleaners effective?
Yes. Plant-based cleaners can be surprisingly effective, sometimes even more so than regular cleaners. Products like Tierra are based on research, to ensure that the formulation cleans as well as it is safe for you. In fact, bio-enzymes in Tierra laundry liquid can break down odours and stains even better than regular cleaners.

Eco-friendly floor cleaners and dish washing liquids often use Glucosides or surfactants derived from vegetable oils that work perfectly against deep stains without leaving a host of toxic residue.

2. Are they expensive?
Plant derived ingredients are costlier to source but we ensure our products are still accessible and affordable. For example - you’d maybe spend Rs.50 more on dishwashing per month (for a family of 4) vs the normal dishwash gels which we believe is a small price to pay for not having toxic chemicals on our skin or plates!

3. Do plant based cleaners have enough shelf life ?
The cleaners are powered with natural preservatives that ensure long shelf lives for them, without the use of harmful BACs. Tierra products have a long shelf life of 24 months!

4. Do they smell good?
The fresh fragrance of eco-cleaners is based on natural ingredients and hence, is more subtle and pleasing than the strong artificial smells of normal cleaners.

5. Where can I find them?
Eco-friendly cleaners today can be easily sourced online or from offline retail stores. Tierra eco-friendly floor cleaners, dishwash gels and laundry liquids can be found on Amazon and on its website: - the products with all the goodness of plant power can be delivered within a few days of you clicking on them.

Sustainable cleaners are the way ahead if we want to reclaim our health and our world. Contact us at or send us a Whatsapp at 8861572550 for any additional information you would like on the use, cost or benefits of the Tierra range of green floor cleaners, dishwashing gels and laundry detergents.

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