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Article: Bio Enzymes. The Secret Cleaning Agents

Bio Enzymes. The Secret Cleaning Agents

Bio Enzymes. The Secret Cleaning Agents

The world today is awash with strong chemicals and harsh cleaning fluids, that cause as much damage to our environment as our bodies. And the consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the collateral to seemingly clean, healthy spaces.

Fortunately, consumers are demanding a change and are actively choosing eco-friendly products that clean powerfully without damaging the environment or our health. And bio-enzymes are the secret agents that fuel these remarkable new-age organic cleaning solutions with powerful, natural formulations. These catalysts can break down the toughest stains and dirt, leaving your home, clothes and dishes sparkling clean – without any toxic residue.

Let’s clear up some common queries around the effectiveness and applications of bio-enzymes, by understanding how they work.

How do bio-enzymes work?

Imagine a battalion of soldiers that use beams of positive light to knock out any threat, leaving your home protected without damage and loss.

The good bacteria are those soldiers and bio-enzymes are those powerful beams. Simply put, bio-enzymes are organic cleaning agents produced by these bacteria that are powerful cleaning agents that can break down dirt, grease, urine and stains without the help of harsh chemicals that are present in regular cleaners.

The bacillus bacteria that are present in our environment are the good kind, which break down the stains, food waste, and odors into smaller molecules that they can ingest – releasing carbon dioxide and water in the process. These enzymes are released during a careful method of fermentation.

When enzymes are added to the laundry detergent, it adds a major boost of cleaning power. The enzymes attack the stains and break them down so that they are more easily washed away. Eco-friendly cleaning products like Tierra use this powerful but sustainable cleaning science in their laundry detergent formula, to bottle the power of bio-enzymes for cleaning.

Benefits of bio-enzymes in washing

The world is now turning to natural cleaning products that use the power of bio-enzymatic laundry detergents, in an attempt to correct some of the great damage done by chemicals to our environment and our bodies.

  • Products like Tierra are completely plant-based, leaving no harmful residue on your skin, body, home or the environment.
  • They are effective because they can enter micro-spaces to clean grime and odor.
  • Enzymes like lipase are intelligent and different types work on different stains. Food stains are made of lipids or fats, and the lipase enzyme acts on it to dissolve and clear it, leaving your clothes stain-free without the damaging effect of harsh chemical cleaners.
  • Bio-enzymes do not need hot water to clean stains - hence this results in efficiencies in your electricity bill as well as global energy.
  • Enzymes also work to soften the fabric of your clothes, leaving the washed laundry feeling soft and fresh.
  • Since most of the eco-friendly detergents contain biodegradable enzymes, they do not pollute our water bodies, thus keeping the soil and lakes clean.

Switching to plant-based cleaners is not just a critical choice for the environment, it also gives you better cleaning with a fresh, natural fragrance for your floors, dishes and clothes.

Tierra laundry detergents have bio-enzymes along with plant derived surfactants as key ingredients to provide intensive cleaning without any harmful effect on you or the water bodies. Get the natural fighting power of Tierra laundry detergents in fresh fragrances of Lavender and Calendula here on the Tierra site or at Amazon.

The Tierra tribe of eco-conscious community is a rapidly growing one – if you would like to join them for a conscious way of living, do log on.

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